Tuesday, April 26, 2011



A plant from the mint family. A small branched annual, grows from six to eight inches high. Smells similar to spearmint when crushed and is a popular tea. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy - never drink the oil. Even when taken in small doses, it results in death. An infusion, or tea, is safe to drink. The tea helps cure headaches, colds, fever, and nausea. It also settles the stomach. When the leaves are crushed and rubbed onto the skin, they repel insects.


Grows 10 to 20 inches high. Blooms in summer. The flowers resemble tiny daisies and are usually white, although some are pink or red. Legend has it that it is named after Achilles, the greatest warrior of all time in Greek mythology. He is said to have used it to treat the wounds of his men. Is a very useful plant. Can be used to treat colds, flu, chicken pox, and cramps. Also is good for treating wounds.


Resembles a daisy. Is a popular tea. Is good for the digestive system. Recommended for allergenic reactions. Aids the digestive system. Can be used to treat colds, upset stomachs, bruises, rashes, and fevers.


Makes popular teas and is commonly used for flavoring. Very good for treating headaches. Has a calming effect. Good for treating nausea, colds, fevers, influenza, colic, and vomiting.

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