Thursday, October 6, 2011

When does life begin?

Science has been able to prove that life starts at conception. As soon as an egg has been fertilized, it is one cell. But that cell has all the genetic information and potential to become a human being just like you or me. At 30 weeks, a baby can possibly recognize voices outside the womb and feel pain.

At 26 weeks, the eyes are partially open and the baby blinks often. It also feels pain. At 21 weeks, if the baby is born, it has a good chance of survival. At 20 weeks, hair is present. At 16 weeks, the baby's fingerprint is fully formed. At 14 weeks, the baby can move its arms, legs, lips, head, mouth, wrist, toes and feet. And it is thought that, even then, the baby feels pain. At 10 weeks, the baby's brain is growing quickly and it has sockets for all its teeth. At 18 days, the baby's heart is developing and its eyes are forming.

If you look in a recent medical dictionary, you'll read that life begins at implanation. However, if you ask a scientist, they will reply that it begins at conception. Why is this? So they can sell "morning after" pills. The owner of Oregon's largest abortion clinic, testifying under oath, said "Of course human life begins at conception". And this is a woman who runs an abortion clinic!

What does the Bible have to say about abortion? "Thus saith the Lord that made thee, and formed thee from the womb", Isaiah 44:2. God forms every child in the womb. Every human is "fearfully and wonderfully made" in God's image. We are not just another animal. The unborn human beings suffer horrible deaths we would wish on no one, yet condone for the murder of babies. And they feel that pain.

Once, a baby was removed from its mother's womb and left on a tray to die with no further ado. The abortion was performed at a certain part of the baby's development when it could survive outside the womb. The baby's screams were so awful that a nurse at the clinic eventually couldn't take them anymore, wrapped the baby in a blanket and took it home. The baby lived.

Those of us who have heard the Christmas story know that Herod killed all the babies two and under to keep himself in power. This was a horrible thing to do. But it's nothing compared to the murder of unborn children. Ever since abortion was legalized, over forty million babies have been legally murdered. Mary O'Bryan Drum said, "After a woman is pregnant, she cannot choose whether or not she wishes to become a mother. She already is... all that is left to decide is whether she will deliver her baby dead or alive."

We are turning a blind eye to the murder of children, all of whom had a plan, fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. We need to turn a seeing eye to it and stand up against it.

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