Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parental Myths Busted

Have your parents ever told you sugar makes you hyper? Is that why you aren't allowed much at bedtime. Your parents, I'm happy to say, are wrong. Sugar actually has a calming affect. A few things your parents tell you aren't true. In winter, you will not get a cold because you failed to dress warmly. Colds are a virus caused by germs,
(not weather.) And sugar doesn't rot your teeth. Bacteria does. But there is sense in saying that sugar rots your teeth. It does tend to have bacteria on it, so there is some truth to that. And if your mother tells you that reading without a lamp is bad for your eyes, tell her that it's like a camera. If you took a picture in the dark, then you wouldn't have the greatest picture in the world, but would it damage the camera? No. It's the same with your eyes. So use these ones on your parents next time they use their silly ideas on you. They might be annoyed you know better, but they also might be impressed that you know something they don't! I love proving people wrong, particularly my big brother.

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  1. Ha! Ha! I like that: "I love proving people wrong, particularly my big brother."
    I agree with you. It is also fun to make sarcastic remarks, crack corny jokes, etc.