Friday, January 22, 2010

Something Interesting

At any moment there are 2000 thunderstorms going on in the world. Every second, 100
bolts of lightning hit the ground. One thunderstorm generates the energy of a hydrogen bomb. The record of most times being struck by lightening and living is seven. I wouldn't want to break that record!
Does anyone out there like whales and dolphins? I sure hope so. There are some very unkind things happening to them. I'm not pinpointing anyone in particular although I could if I wanted. I once opened a book and there was a picture of thousands of whales,
all lying on a beach, dead. The water nearby was red with their blood. Does that tell you anything. There is one dolphin that has only three hundred of its kind left. I heard somewhere else that it was only fifty left of that kind. Their numbers are still declining. Ouch. We don't want to lose the baiji! Remember, while it's endangered we still have time, but when its extinct... They're always saying that bottlenose dolphins are happy. That's just the shape of their mouth. And by the way, don't make one angry if you can help it, because I went to Sea World and we petted them. Those teeth could seriously injure someone! And while we're on the subject, you can pet sting rays at Sea World.(Or is it bat rays? Whatever they are, they're cool animals.)
Who doesn't like orcas? They're so cool! And they're fun to watch when they're performing. Well, you know that fin on their back? That's their dorsal fin. It's about 6 feet tall. Or maybe five. It's about as tall as a grown man. If that's just one fin, I have some advice: if you ever meet an orca in the wild, don't make him angry. And don't approach him either, come to think of it. You don't know what he might do. You don't know his current mood, his thoughts about humans, or anything like that. He might be friendly, but he also might not. Don't approach any wild animal, for that matter. With dolphins, only a few of the dozens of cases of unfriendly dolphins were actually truly dangerous to humans, but it's wise to leave them alone. There are a few places where it's okay. If you're in a swim with the dolphins place with proper supervision, it would be okay. But wild dolphins are usually best left alone.

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