Friday, January 15, 2010

Something To Chew On (Not Literally)

If you like herbal stuff, here's some facts for you.

Nettles lose their sting 12 hours after being picked and are often used in salads. If you pop them in a blender for long enough, you will get a juice that is good for the skin.

Rose petals make a supposedly very nice jam. I'm never tried it, but I will when the roses bloom this year, believe me. And if you ever try it, clip the bottom off the petals, as the white part isn't very good. You can also add rose petals to omelets.

If you like domesticated birds here's something for you.

Birds deserve the best care possible. Don't buy a small cage. Buy the largest you can afford, since your bird will spend most of their time in that one area. Don't give them the same toys very day. Change them around. If you had the same toys day after day you would be bored, and you can leave your room and do other things! A bird can't leave its cage. I don't own a bird, but I have done extensive reading on the subject and know probably as much as anyone who owns a bird. Here's something I came across recently that all bird owners should know. I'm glad I know it. Birds have special eyes that enable them to see UVA, which allows them to see in see in color, which is important for them mentally. In our homes, we don't have that light, and without it birds cannot see the full color spectrum, which contributes to feather plucking and other behaviors . They also need the sun to create vitamin D3, so full spectrum lights are very important. By the way, no one pays me to say that. It's my opinion.

By the way, did you know that birds come in species, not breeds? Species are as different from each other as dogs are from cats.

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